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  • Feminized seeds
  • Super Silver Haze 98 S1 ( Oldman Green’s cut)
  • 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
  • 80 days florewing
  • x5 ( stretching)
  • Trichomes First Class for Icewax
  • Big producer (+ 1 gr x Watt)





Oldman’s Silver Haze 98 aka Super Silver Haze 98 S1 is my feminized version of one of my first selections that I made in the late 90’s. This selection of SSH is a rare phenotype with very pronounced nuances of the Skunk part of this classic sativa. You can get a great production of this vintage strain. Its flowers are very resinous and golden. One of the best varieties for extractions.


Old School Genetics are sold as an adult souvenir cannabis genetic material. Seeds are not
to be cultivated in any jurisdiction where the cultivation of cannabis is forbidden by law. Any
information supplied with the seeds, found online or offline, in any resource, or in any
marketing materials should be treated as having solely educational purpose.
Old School Genetics accept no responsability for any entity who does not comply with local,
state, and federal law.

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10 fem seeds, 3 fem seeds, 5 fem seeds

1 review for OLDMAN’S SILVER HAZE 98

  1. PK

    These seeds produced very healthy plants with great roots and huge buds. I got two different phenos – one was more skunk-ish, finished quicker, and had foxtails. The other was very hazy and took several extra weeks. The hazy plant ended up being a monster that pulled almost .3 kilos herself. Both phenos smoke great and smell great.

    • Oldman Green

      Hello PK!!!

      Very happy to help you with these strain. She is one of my favorites. Surely I have a special affection for it because it was my first selection of cannabis and I am very happy to continue preserving it. She is a champion and her trichomes are large and greasy. You have done a great job with her and you always put my strain on top of the podium.

      All the best, keep it green!!

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